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An early education builds a solid foundation.

Our Philosophy

At. St. Clement’s Early Learning School (SCELS), we believe that the early childhood years should be filled with opportunities for exploration, discovery and vital development.  It is a time when a child must discover that learning is worthwhile, exciting, rewarding and fun.  As well, this journey of discovery needs to take place in a warm, secure environment which supports children in their academic, social, emotional and physical growth.  

Regardless of faith or cultural heritage, all families are welcome in the SCELS community of learners.  

It is our objective at SCELS to identify the needs of the children in our programs and to plan for the successful fulfillment of those needs..

Our continuing commitment to small class size enables children to make choices, to solve problems and to learn to think independently.  The SCELS’ curriculum is carefully designed with the understanding that each child is unique.  As a result, we provide our individual students with engaging learning experiences aimed at building and enhancing their skills in all developmental areas.

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Language, mathematics, scientific studies and French are complimented by drama, art, yoga and physical education, as well as music and movement sessions and field trips.

Everyone at St. Clement’s Early Learning School realizes the value of a close relationship between our school and your family.  We understand that we are partners with parents and we believe in creating an atmosphere of positive communication where the sharing of ideas is valued and respected.  Therefore, we invite all parents to become involved in their child’s educational experience.

By combining our unique curriculum, taught by a skilled and dedicated staff, with a family’s desire for an enriched early education, a solid foundation for future success can be built for the children of St. Clement’s Early Learning School.

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Our Parents Say

"The school is constantly engaging with both parents and students in unique ways, that incorporate community events and learning into the curriculum and seamlessly creates a sense of community spirit."
 - B.S. & S.S

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Lisa Armstrong

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